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Preston Eastin welding manipulators hold the welding head in position relative to the workpiece. They integrate with manual and automated welding positioners and save money by improving welding productivity and quality. They support a full range of manual and automated welding processes.

Our welding head manipulators use a column and boom design to reach over and around the workpiece. They’re often used for welding pipes, tanks and other large fabricated structures. They also pivot at their bases, which makes them infinitely variable and ideal for a broad range of circumferential and longitudinal seam welding.

Welding Manipulator Features

Preston Eastin offers five manipulator models based on load capacity:

Welding manipulators are commonly paired with turning rolls, headstocks/tailstocks and 2-axis positioners. A manipulator paired with a positioner can provide an added level of control to your process, improving quality and repeatability. In manual processes this means better ergonomics for the welder, which raises productivity and quality. In automated welding processes, consistency is higher so there are fewer defects and less rework.

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