Preston Eastin designs and manufactures a complete line of robotic and welding positioning systems and equipment. Founded in 1972, Preston Eastin has provided innovative solutions to manufacturing positioning through a consultative approach to customer requirements. We have enabled many companies to improve their automation processes over the past decades, and we continue to support machine shops and welding facilities throughout the United States and North America. The dedicated, continuous improvement of our products and services ensures long-term, continued customer satisfaction.

At our engineering and manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we design and manufacture positioning solutions for precision operations while continually upholding foundational principles of safety and reliability. We manufacture our products to afford our customers many years of safe and dependable operation. We work to understand our customers’ needs, and we quickly respond with proven solutions to meet project requirements.

We serve the welding, aerospace, aviation, automotive, energy, transportation, ship building, material handling, thermal spray, and heavy equipment manufacturing industries. We work with OEMs, robotic integrators, and machine shops of all sizes.

Preston Eastin - RTU

For over 50 years we have served our customers, and through strategic investment in equipment in our own facility, we are positioned to meet the automation challenges of the 21st century.  Reach out to us today for your robotic and welding positioner requirements and questions.

Preston Eastin - 50 Year Anniversary



Kevin Dooley, Director of Robotic Solutions

Philip Bugg, Director of Robotic Solutions

Chuck Dennis, Inside Sales Manager

Chris Patterson, Sales Administrator


Gary Gamino, CEO

Brad Beall, Vice President

Jim Tero, Director of Operations

Deanne McNabb, Director of Finance & Accounting