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Preston Eastin floor turntables are high-precision, low-cost welding positioners designed to rotate larger workpieces around a vertical axis.  Each welding turntable is engineered to handle high capacities and speeds.  We also offer anti-backlash solutions that retain fluid motion and precision during operation. They are ideal for welding, flame cutting, thermal spraying, grinding, painting, X-raying and drill press positioning. They offer increased accuracy, quality, and repeatability.  Preston Eastin can fully customize your turntable with our below features.

Welding Floor Turntable Features

  • Anti-backlash solutions
  • From 500 Ibs (227 kg) to 200,000 Ibs (54,531 kg) or higher
  • Speed ranges from 0.03 RPM to 300 RPM
  • Table diameters from 22 in (56 cm) to 12 ft (3.66 m)
  • Grippers, Chucks, and Controls
  • Add Grippers, Chucks, and Controls for customized solutions

Looking for more features, including a tilt axis or horizontal access?  See our pages on headstocks / tailstocks (for welding on a horizontal axis) and 2-axis positioners (for when an additional tilt axis is needed).