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Preston Eastin manufactures the most durable, heavy-duty chucks and grippers in the industry. Our chucks and grippers are designed to safely secure workpieces with multiple points of contact. By providing clamping ranges from 1 in (3 cm) to 60 in (152 cm) and completely customizable jaws, Preston Eastin can manufacture the right chuck or gripper for any operation. Our 2-jaw, 3-jaw and 4-jaw welding chucks are conveniently centered and mounted at no cost when they’re purchased with a welding positioner.

We categorize our welding chucks into three classes:

Gripper Chucks | Spin Lock Chucks | Self-Centering Chucks

Category 1: Grippers

Our fully customizable A-frame grippers are built to withstand the most demanding industrial environments.  While economical in price, they provide the most clamping ranges of all our 3-jaw chucks.  All standard grippers come with hardened ball nuts for increased durability.


  • Single point jaw adjustment
  • Quick release and replace
  • Enclosed steel frame to protect gripper adjustment from debris and weld splatter
  • Serrated and non-serrated jaws are available on all models

Common customizations include:

  • Capacity of 1,000 Ibs (454 kg) to 7,500 Ibs (3,402 kg)
  • Clamping range ID of 6 in (15 cm) to 68 in (173 cm)
  • Clamping range OD of 1 in (3 cm) to 60 in (152 cm)
  • Extended, serrated or standard jaws for gripping strength

Preston Eastin - 2-Axis Positioner Features

PC-20A6″-20″1″ – 16-1/2″10005″18-1/2″18-1/2″15-3/8″7″4-1/2″2-1/4″140
PC-30A6-1/2 – 32-1/4″1-1/2 – 28-3/4″30005″26-27/32″26-27/32″19-1/4″6-1/8″4-5/8″2-1/4″250
PC-42B9-7/8″ – 44-3/8″1-1/2 – 42-1/830005″36-3/16″36-3/16″19-1/4″6-3/16″4-11/16″2-1/4″350
PC-48C7″ – 52″3″ – 48″75005″45-5/16″45-5/16″28-7/8″9-11/16″6-3/16″2-5/8″720
PC-60C7″ – 68″3″ – 60″75005″58-7/8″58-7/8″28-7/8″9-11/16″6-31/16″2-5/8″770

*Custom Sizes Available

Category 2: Spin lock chucks

Our 2- and 3-jaw chucks are designed for use with multiple welding positioners. Our chucks are self-centering with a spin lock to provide high levels of efficiency and versatility in operations involving the welding of fittings, flanges, and small to medium diameter pipe.  Spin lock chucks offer precise levers to allow operators to quickly mount and remount workpieces. They are infinitely adjustable and constantly remain centered during operation.


  • Self-Centering, fast, smooth adjustment
  • Quickly and easily mounted on any positioner
  • Heavy duty construction designed to hold up in an industrial environment
  • Replaceable jaws made of SAE 1018 steel can be welded or machined to suit
  • Low profile design so as not to limit the capacity of your positioner.

NOTICE: We do not recommend using these in applications faster than 50 RPM

Common customizations include:

  • Clamping range OD of 7 in (18 cm) to 12 in (30 cm)
  • Lower profile setting to maintain the center of gravity and capacity
  • Serrated or standard jaws for gripping strength

Preston Eastin - Spin Lock Chuck

SL-7-33-JAW SPIN-LOCK3/8″-7″
PSL-12-33-JAW SPIN-LOCK1″-12″

*Custom Sizes Available

Category 3: Self-Centering Chucks

Self-centering welding chucks have three levels of engagement on each of their three jaws, which can all be repositioned for a full range of motion.


  • Easy jaw adjustment to minimize downtime between workpieces
  • Heavy duty construction to withstand harsh manufacturing environments and industrial applications

Common customizations include:

  • Clamping range inner diameter (ID) from 2 in (5 cm) to 18 in (46 cm)
  • Clamping range outer diameter (OD) from 0.5 in (1.3 cm) to 24 in (58 cm)
  • Serrated or standard jaws for gripping strength