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Preston Eastin manufactures H-frame positioners with double horizontal axes and a single vertical sweep axis serving a wide range of capacities.

H-Frame Features

Our units are designed to accept servo motor and external axis control from a robot. Alternately, we can provide a servo motor and controls or variable frequency drive and motor. Example configurations are shown in the table, with custom options available.

H-Frame Schematic Drawings & Dimensions

Preston Eastin - 2-Axis Positioner Features

RH3M-101000 KG36″Specify30″24″
RH3M-151500 KG36″Specify30″24″
RH3M-303000 KG36″Specify30″36″
RH3M-454500 KG36″Specify30″36″
RH3M-555500 KG36″Specify30″48″
RH3M-15015,000 KG51.5″Specify42″48″
RH3M-30030,000 KG51.5″Specify42″48″

*Customer Specified Dimensions

**Recommended Size