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Preston Eastin manufactures vertical-axis robotic floor turntables with up to a 50,000 kg capacity. A robotic turntable rotates objects for operations such as welding, thermal/cold spray, painting, adhesive application and grinding. This simplifies part presentation, reduces robot programming complexity and often allows for the use of a smaller robot. This solution lowers the cost of automation and may shrink the cell footprint.  Customization can maximize the ROI from a rotary positioner table.  We start by understanding the problems the rotary positioner should address, before suggesting our expert solution.  Our units are designed to accept a servo motor and external axis control from a robot, or we can provide a separate motor and controls.

Robotic Floor Turntable Features

  • 8″ to 60″ diameter steel or aluminum table (standard)
  • 100 kg to 50,000 kg
  • Anti-backlash solutions
  • Speed ranges from 0.03 RPM to 300 RPM
  • Table diameters from 22 in (56 cm) to 12 ft (3.66 m)
  • Mounted Grippers, Chucks, and Controls
  • Options: Common skid with riser, table through-hole, blanchard ground and other table modifications

Looking for more features, including a tilt axis or horizontal access?  See our pages on headstocks / tailstocks (for welding on a horizontal axis) and 2-axis positioners (for when an additional tilt axis is needed).