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PrestonEastin - Separator

Preston Eastin manufactures drop center positioners featuring either two or three axes with up to a 15,000 kg capacity. The drop center span is customized for your specific workpieces and applications.  The main axis and table axis both feature 360-degree rotation, while a third elevation axis can be added. The units are designed to accept servo motor and external axis control from a robot. Alternatively, we can supply a servo motor and controls or variable frequency drive and motor. Custom options available.

Robotic Drop Center Dimensions

Preston Eastin - 2-Axis Positioner Features

RDCM-101000 KG36″SPECIFY30″24″
RDCM-151500 KG36″SPECIFY30″24″
RDCM-303000 KG36″SPECIFY30″36″
RDCM-454500 KG36″SPECIFY30″36″
RDCM-555500 KG36″SPECIFY30″48″

*Custom Sizes Available