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A 5-axis positioner provides the versatility, accuracy and benefits of a tilt-rotate positioner combined with a turntable—potentially yielding vast improvements in speed and productivity. Our Robotic Tilt Rotate 5-axis positioners (RTR5) are ideal for multiple part handling and processing applications.

5-Axis Positioner Features

The RTR5 positioner provides 5-axis motion and an optional mounting area for a robot. The main sweep axis provides 180° indexing, and the part axis provides continuous horizontal rotation and tilting from the horizontal table position. The worktable surfaces can be customized for various sizes and set at specific distances as needed. An optional arc screen can be provided for arc flash protection during welding applications.

We offer full customization and a consultative approach.  The units are designed to accept servo motor and external axis control from the robot controller, or we can supply a servo motor and controls or variable frequency drive and motor.

Our RTR5 positioner can be used in numerous applications:

  • Increasing automation, especially in conjunction with existing robotic welders
  • Addressing labor and resourcing issues to maintain production levels
  • Improving accuracy and efficiency
  • Overcoming hidden variables that are often unaccounted for (and thus create delays) — a multi-axis positioner can provide consistency in the fillet weld size, weld volume, arc time, deposition rate and gas flow